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Sample Workshops


team building

Improv can improve team cohesion, enhance collaboration skills, practice public speaking abilities, and push the boundaries of the team’s comfort zone in a safe and inclusive way. This workshop, adaptable to your team’s needs and timeframe, can help bring the team together in a safe and fun environment.

Create your own musical

Ever feel words simply aren’t enough and you need to burst into song, like you’re Gene Kelly in Singin in the Rain? In this workshop, we will discover that life *can* be a musical, where you create amusing characters, entertainingly simple dance moves (Dream ballets! Dance battles!), killer harmonies, and everything is made up on the spot. I will cover the basics of improvisational comedy and the mechanics of improvised song structures to create improvised songs on the spot. We will be joined by an experienced accompanist on the piano.

“Yes... And” for Mental Health Professionals

Core improv concepts of yes and, be present, be flexible, and commitment can be valuable tools for mental health professionals (psychologists, counselors, social workers, nurses, etc.) to deepen their skills of listening, non-verbal communication, reflecting and acceptance. This continuing education workshop, adaptable to your organization's needs and timeframe, illuminates the social work process and in a new and engaging way.