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As a licensed social worker and experienced improvisational comedy performer, Sloane is exceptionally qualified to harness the power of improv to help clients solve problems faster, build better interpersonal skills, communicate more effectively, and discover their infinite capability for more YES. Learn More


Our Services


Corporate Improv

Sloane’s fun and engaging workshops—from break-out sessions to weekend-long trainings—are smart, dynamic, and accessible. And they’re customizable for your group, corporation, or event.

Personal Coaching

As your personal coach, we’ll work together to help you gain emotional self-awareness, learn new ways to respond to different challenges, and leverage your existing strengths and grow them.

Continuing Education

As a licensed professional who needs to take CEs and the creator of CEs, Sloane knows the importance of delivering content compliant with licensing requirements that is also invigorating, educational, and enjoyable.